salon bangkok pricing.pngThere’s a very famous quote

“Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

The underlying meaning of this quote is, we all want benefits, but we are not really prepared to pay the price.


Price doesn’t necessarily mean the monetary compensation. It basically means your part to be played to get the desired results. (If I have to say that in the words of The Geeta, we all want the “Phal” , but are we ready to do the “Karma”).


  • Most of us want to lose weight and have that toned body. But the price for the same is, get up early, exercise and have balanced diet. Are we ready for this price?


  • Most of us want our parents / spouses / kids to earn lot of money. But that would mean they would have lesser time to spend with us. Are we ready for this price?


  • Some of us want to score well in exams. But that would mean to give up some desires and spend some more time preparing. Are we ready for this price?


  • Some of us (those who run a business), want to have an efficient team who work so efficiently that there is very little left to do for the business owner. But that would require appropriate hiring, grooming and training of the team so that they become efficient. This would require the business owner to spend more time, money and energy on them. Are we ready for this price?


  • Most of us want to create wealth for retirement as well as to achieve other goals. But that would mean sacrificing some of the desires today, setting aside some amount regularly and investing it appropriately. If we lack the skills, we might be required to hire a professional who does this for us. Are we ready for this price?


  • Most of us want to upgrade our skills. But that would mean investing some time in reading, getting trained to upgrade our skills. It might not be too entertaining, but could benefit in long term. Are we ready for this price?


  • Most of us want to have good friends who are always there to help us. But that would mean we invest some time and energy in fostering good relationships and being there when our friends need us. Are we ready for this price?


In a nutshell, we can say that, most of us are looking for the benefits without being prepared to put in the efforts.  Remember, almost every facility / pleasure / achievement comes at a price. If we are really willing to avail the benefit, lets be ready to pay the price.


We look forward to your valuable comments and feedback.


Saurabh Profile Pic

The Author Prof. Saurabh Bajaj (BE, MBA, FRM, CFGP) is CEO with Nidhi Investments, Mumbai. He may be contacted on if you have any questions.

(The views mentioned in the article are personal opinion of the author)










    1. Thanks Hasan. Yes , you are right. Only when we’re ready to pay the price , we can hope for the benefits.

      Thanks for your visit and feedback. Looking forward to more in future.

  1. Simple to understand
    Result is bie product of the work done
    For getting the better result we should pay the price
    It may be efforts commitment dedication.

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