We All Love to create Wealth but Finance as a topic gives jitters to many.

Financial Education is highly under-rated in India.

This blog aims to spread financial education to the layman.

Thus, complex financial topics are explained in short story forms to make it simple, interesting and effective.

Do read the stories and let us know your valuable feedback.

What People Say

Very much impressed with your writings.

Its a common problem.

This kind of articles should reach mass crowds and media.

So that all of us will benefit in this.

A David John

Very nicely put in the right words. Prof Bajaj you always have something innovative ans simple explanations


Atul H Suchak

Investment guidance from expert advisor helps…

Especially for people like me ..who are having financial goals but do not have much knowledge about market dynamics.

Kiran Shetty

Your Personal Finance Educator

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