Adding a Silver Lining…

We all want a Diversified Portfolio.

But how do we add a silver lining to our portfolio ?

This article explains beautifully..

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The Risk of Living Dead

I know the Title Sounds Scary (almost like a horror film). But this article could prove to be of utmost importance to almost all of us.

In our Basic Financial planning, we mainly focus on 3 risks

(Read on For More)

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Tu Doctor Hai Na ?

Imagine a Cab-Driver who keeps watching market movements while driving. Would you be comfortable riding in this car ? Eventually, he will be out of business. Imagine a Doctor who keeps doing intra-day trading while talking to his patients. Would you be comfortable getting treated by him ? Eventually, his patients will start looking forContinue reading “Tu Doctor Hai Na ?”

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तूने गर्वित किया है माँ

जन्म दिया , प्यार दिया, हर अच्छा संस्कार दिया, कदम कदम पर मुझको मार्ग-दर्शित किया है माँ कहत सौरभ, सौरभ को तूने गर्वित किया है माँ । बेटी, बहन, पत्नी, माँ, दादी हर किरदार तूने बखूबी निभाया है कितना खुशनसीब हूँ मैं, मुझपे तेरे आँचल की छाया है परिवार के हर सदस्य को तूने हर्षितContinue reading “तूने गर्वित किया है माँ”

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Budget 2020 : What’s in it For Me ?

As soon as the budget is presented, We see a deluge of analyses and memes coming our way. However, readers of this blog know that we choose to wait for clarifications and finer details so that readers get the right perspective for themselves. A Large number of people were left confused because of the 2Continue reading “Budget 2020 : What’s in it For Me ?”

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