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Financial Planning for Beginners !!

June 9, 2013


June is the month, when many campus recruits start with their first job. Sameer Dahane was one of them. While he was excited of a new role, he was equally eager to get his salary so that he can splurge it. On a casual tea-time discussion with Kapil, his senior, he shared his thoughts on […]

Beware !! Mis-selling Season Ahead !!

December 26, 2012


After coming back from his vacation, Sidhesh Tulange, a 33 year old Software consultant, logged into his office computer to make the first statement, “Oh No !! I forgot to submit this before going to vacation.” The HR department has reminded him for submission of his tax saving proofs and declarations by 31st Dec. “I […]

Time-Time ki Baat Hai – Part 2

September 28, 2012


“Hey Niraj, am back to seek your help again” said Uncle Shrikant to his nephew Niraj Desai. “Completely my pleasure uncle, please tell me, how can I be of help to you.” Said Niraj Shrikant: As you know, my younger son, Aakash is going for MBA to Australia. Niraj: That’s great !! Congratulations Shrikant: Please […]

Don’t Retire Hurt !!

March 21, 2012


Retirement Planning has become a buzz-word these days !! Every newspaper, every news-channel seems to talk something or the other about retirement planning. What is more surprising is, when talking about retirement planning, everyone is just talking about wealth one needs to accumulate for retirement. Agreed, you do need a good amount of wealth when […]

Then Why do we Earn So Much ??

November 29, 2011


“This is the limit Mom, I can’t take this anymore” said Shikha, a 31 year old lady to her mother, Arundhati. Earlier, Shikha was working with a private sector bank, after which she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Shikha had quit her job to be able to take care of the child. Now her […]