Adding a Silver Lining…

We all want a Diversified Portfolio.

But how do we add a silver lining to our portfolio ?

This article explains beautifully..

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Demonetisation and You !!

Writing about the hottest topic could be a difficult job. Many things are already being “analysed” and discussed all around. Since this space is among the favourite platform of its readers for Personal Finance, I will try and keep away from talking about the politicisation of this move. As usual, we will stick to theContinue reading “Demonetisation and You !!”

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It’s the way we look at it !!

“Who can be wiser than me? I had purchased a land for Rs. 12 Lakhs in 1996. I recently sold it for Rs. 1.12 Crore. This is what I called wealth creation. And this is possible only in real estate.” Said Dinesh, a 38 year old businessman to his friend Akshay. “That’s wealth creation inContinue reading “It’s the way we look at it !!”

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Investing in Gold – Which Way to Go ?

“Chuck all investment avenues !! The best investment is Gold !!” Said Vinay Deshpande, a 35 year old telecom executive to his colleague, Kapil Sharma. “I am going to redeem all my money and buy some Gold Jewellery.” “I wont be surprised if this love for jewellery came from your wife. But am surprised toContinue reading “Investing in Gold – Which Way to Go ?”

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Where there is No Risk ??

“The Markets are getting riskier every day. I am really confused where to invest my money. I want to invest my money where there is no risk.” Said Anurag, 31 year old Dentist, to his friend Niraj. Niraj Smiled, “Before answering that, I would just like to share a small story with you. Here itContinue reading “Where there is No Risk ??”

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