The Risk of Living Dead

I know the Title Sounds Scary (almost like a horror film). But this article could prove to be of utmost importance to almost all of us.

In our Basic Financial planning, we mainly focus on 3 risks

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How much “Convenience Tax” You are paying ?

“Convenience Tax ?? When was this tax imposed ?? Government has no other business than to impose new taxes everyday ??” might be a normal reaction after reading the title. Well, the good news is, this tax is not really levied by the Government. Rather, it is a self-imposed tax by the citizens like usContinue reading “How much “Convenience Tax” You are paying ?”

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Buying Health Insurance ?? Few Check Points !!

And here comes the much awaited article on health insurance. A big thanks to all those who have suggested this topic to me. Health Insurance is neither an unknown term for us nor is the need for it. The growing costs of health-care and increased vulnerability to diseases have automatically induced the need for healthContinue reading “Buying Health Insurance ?? Few Check Points !!”

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Do We Really Understand the meaning of Risk ??

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, Sunil (name changed), when he told me that he is looking for a good life insurance policy for his father, who is 65 years old. Sunil also said that most of the policies do not cover his father and others demanded a very highContinue reading “Do We Really Understand the meaning of Risk ??”

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