“Similar” Does Not Mean “Same”

Similar Sounding Names create confusion in minds of new investors.

This article can be helpful to understand better.

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Your Truth and My Truth !!

Mr. Mehta : XYZ is a fantastic fund. It has given me 21% returns p.a. Mr. Khanna : What are you saying ? I have the same fund, but it has given me only 5% returns. Bank Recurring Deposit (RD) would have been better. Mehta : How long have you been invested in it ?Continue reading “Your Truth and My Truth !!”

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“Dematting” of MF Units : Should you go for it ??

“Life has become so easy after the share trading has started in demat form” , Said Romesh Acharya, a 32 year old marketing professional, working with a leading FMCG Company. “I am wondering if I should also demat the mutual fund units lying with me ??” he asked his colleague Kapil Sharma, who is aContinue reading ““Dematting” of MF Units : Should you go for it ??”

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