Markets at 47K !! What to Do??

Sensex Has Crossed 47k Levels.

Almost everyone is confused what to do.

This Article can help you clear your confusion.

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BREXIT : How Does it impact my Investments ?

  Sunil : Hey Aakash, did you hear the news about BREXIT ? Aakash : What is BREXIT, Bro ? Sunil : ‘Brexit’ stands for Britain Exit wherein the British voters chose to withdraw from the European Union (EU) in a historic poll on June 23, 2016. Aakash : Ok. So how does it matter toContinue reading “BREXIT : How Does it impact my Investments ?”

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Convenience at the cost of Security ?? Bad Deal !!

A few days back, I went to pick up my daughter from her school. The school has a good system wherein whoever comes to pickup the child, has to show the bearer card, so that the teacher knows that the child is being picked up by the authorised person. All of a sudden I sawContinue reading “Convenience at the cost of Security ?? Bad Deal !!”

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5 Mistakes to Avoid while making investments !!

“Oh My God !! All these years I did too many mistakes while making investments which I am realising when I compiling my IT return.” Said Prithviraj, a 33 year old IT professional to his friend Niraj. “What Mistakes you made Prithvi?” asked Niraj. 1. Investment in a ULIP “First mistake I did was investmentContinue reading “5 Mistakes to Avoid while making investments !!”

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Where there is No Risk ??

“The Markets are getting riskier every day. I am really confused where to invest my money. I want to invest my money where there is no risk.” Said Anurag, 31 year old Dentist, to his friend Niraj. Niraj Smiled, “Before answering that, I would just like to share a small story with you. Here itContinue reading “Where there is No Risk ??”

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Do We Really Understand the meaning of Risk ??

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, Sunil (name changed), when he told me that he is looking for a good life insurance policy for his father, who is 65 years old. Sunil also said that most of the policies do not cover his father and others demanded a very highContinue reading “Do We Really Understand the meaning of Risk ??”

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