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Stuck with a wrong Policy ?? Get over it !!

August 27, 2011


“Where were you all these days? Why didn’t you come when I was making all these mistakes ??” asked Dr. Rajesh Sharma, a 32 year old surgeon, sitting on a sofa in his drawing room. Mrs. Ragini Sharma, his wife, came rushing out to see, whom is Dr. Sharma talking to ? To her great […]

ULIPs and Traditional Plans are the best products for ………

December 21, 2010


“Ohh !! Did I log on to a wrong page?? I always thought this space talked about the drawbacks of ULIPs and Traditional Plans (Endowment, Money Back etc) by explaining their failure to address insurance as well as investments. So how come they became best all of a sudden??” these might be the thoughts coming […]