Few days back I was watching an ad featuring Bipasha Basu, in which she says, ” Fitness ke baare mein hum Sochte bahut hai, Par Karte kuch nahi”. And it suddenly made me realise, “Thats so true”. And after giving some more thought on the same, it striked me that we have immense knowledge of so many things we should be doing and so many things we should not be doing. But the question is, are we putting all this knowledge to action ?? We want to do so many things which are right and necessary, but we want to do them either “tomorrow” or “one of these days”. I just thought of making a list of few important things which we know we should be doing.

1. Health is Wealth

This golden old saying is never going to fade out. For a good and happy life, we need a good health and nothing can replace a daily exercise for good health. (For those, who still want to get away with an excuse of “Having no time”, I would urge them to think again. If you cannot take out 10-15 minutes from your daily schedule for your own health, its time you take up some serious classes on time management.) Exercising doesn’t just mean joining a high profile gym. This is because more than often, people think they have “started” exercising just by buying the membership of the gym. Problem is, the effort to carry ourself to the gym itself becomes such a Herculean task, that we somehow manage to “drag” ourselves to the gym for not more than 7 days a month. The good news is, we can exercise even without going to the gym. Only thing is, we have to take it up very simply and practically. Lets take out only 10-15 minutes from our morning schedule and exercise. Trust me, you will be amazed to see the way your productivity goes up by doing this.

2. Managing risks

Although we are fully aware and convinced that we need to buy life insurance and health insurance to protect our family from financial crisis, we are still just “thinking” of buying them. Friends, emergencies will never come with a one-month notice. We got to be well protected against any unforeseen adversities and emergencies. So, do not delay getting ourselves insured for both life and health. Any regrets later of not buying insurance will not give us anything other than repentance. Those who think, that they will buy insurance only after their health starts deteriorating, there could be a higher chance of you being denied an insurance cover. So buy it in the days of good health itself.

Now, Which plan to buy for a life insurance ? Which plan to buy for health insurance ? What should be my insurance amount ? Well, either we know about it, or we need to take efforts to know about it. We cannot keep perpetually waiting and postponing something as important as this.

3. Planning for future

Now to be precise, by future I mean retirement. Lets ask ourselves, when do we want to plan for retirement ? In a few days ?? Which will turn into few years soon only to make us realise that now I will be able to accumulate a smaller kitty for your retirement in spite of saving a bigger amount, just because I have let the time slip away from my hands. So what is the right time to plan for retirement ? Its now. Our smallest amount saved and invested today can contribute in a big way at the time of your retirement.

4. Spending quality time with our family

When do we spend quality time with our family ? Only when we go on a vacation ? And what about other times ? So do we have to keep waiting for a vacation to be able to spend quality time with family?

My dear friends, spending quality time with the family does not necessarily mean taking them out to an expensive restaurant on the weekends or giving hefty pocketmoney to kids (I agree that, for some people, it is a way to make-up for the time they are not able to give to their families). If you ask me, money can never (and should never) make up for the quality time which we can give to our family. We need to be more proactive to spend time with our family at home, having some good discussions with them, enquiring about their school / college, friends, activities they are involved in. This will not only help us to relieve our own stress levels but also help us to keep ourselves updated about, where are our kids spending most time, what are they thinking about life, career etc.

Trust me friends, our family needs “us” more than anything else. Our company might find a replacement for us, but our family can never. So, even if our motto remains “work comes first”, lets also make sure that our family isn’t ignored in the same.

In a nutshell, I would say that I have not written here anything that we were not aware about. The only problem is, it was only a “knowledge” so far. Its high time we translate all this knowledge into action, not from today, but from this very moment. Lets take that extra effort to move out of our so- called “comfort zones” and chuck the “virus” of procrastination from our minds. Lets greet our families more cheerfully when we go home today , lets be more proactive in our investment and insurance planning and lets be more disciplined towards exercising.

We look forward to your feedback and comments on the above article. Please feel free to contact us on saurabh.nidhiinvestments@gmail.comif you have any questions.

(The views mentioned in the article are personal opinion of the author)








  1. Like the way you expressed the things.
    It makes the blog more attracting and compels the reader to read till the end. Thanks for the knowledge sharing.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Even I saw that ad Sir. But did not think as deeply as you did.

    This is so very true. Small things of everyday life that we tend to overlook.

    Thank you so much for this wake up call.

    Keep writing !!

  3. Again you helped us alot sir g….

    Though quite different from previous post but A Perfect Eye Opener for me..

    Thanks for waking me up… and keep posting more n more…

    1. Thanks again Giriraj Bhai.

      Yes this was little different from the earlier ones as this wasn’t so much related to unawareness. It was more about the awareness that needs to be put to action.

      I will keep posting and look forward to such valuable feedbacks in future.

  4. An Article complete in all aspects !!

    Highlighting almost everything which we have in our mind but have been delayed so far.

    Request you to write on investment planning for girls / working women


    1. Thank you so much for your visit. Also, thanks for such a nice suggestion.

      I will make it a point to write about investment planning for girls and working women.

      Please do keep visiting.

  5. Good article. Very true ..different from previous articles but as usual very useful and to the point..Keep writing…

  6. Very nice article Saurabhji . You have covered every aspect of our life… from a financial planner to a life planner now 🙂
    It is human behaviour that we push things for future though we know they are benfecial for us… this has certainly awakened me to take action !! Looking forward for more articles !

  7. What to say ! Crystal clear, Precise & to-the-Point. This article has grabbed my attention. Even I was postponing such things.

    It reminds me of some similar story where the professor uses some glass Jar & pebbles to demonstrate….. But I had almost forgotten.

    Thanks a Lot Dear !! for this wake up call.

    Looking forward to your next blog.

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